Carmen Waterman

Quote of the day

“Logic will get you from a to z;

imagination will take you everywhere.”


Albert Einstein’s quote on imagination ~ is one of my favourites. This brilliant man who is famous for so many things recognized the importance of imagination. My imagination is one of my most cherished gifts. Being able to imagine all the different possibilities that are endless. Finding new ways to do things your own way. Ooh, by the way, one of the things you will begin to see in my posts is that I’m a bit of a rebel. I like change, hated doing something from a to b (and in that order) just because I was told to. I’m not really a linear kind of person, much more of a big picture, fly by the seat of your pants lol (but more on that another day).

Your imagination can take you on journeys beyond the here and now, on this physical realm, we live in. Yes, fantasy and imagination are my friends. They have been with me a very long time and trust me they have helped me deal with a whole lot of crap, including a world that doesn’t really care to understand a sensitive soul, dealing with heartache, judgment, feelings of not fitting in, migraines, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression. Ok, enough of that but you get the picture. When you live in a world that values things that are not necessarily aligned with who you are. Imagination is an amazing friend.

It is probably not a surprise that my artwork embodies my imagination. This is probably why I love creating fantasy landscapes. The image above is one of these. It is but one world in the mind of this dreamer and by creating art, I get to share these places. From a creative perspective, imagination takes you beyond what has already been done to do something that speaks to you.

Never be afraid of inviting your imagination along with you when you create. The places it will take you can sometimes take your breath away. There are lessons we learn along the way and we also find ways to express things that lay deep inside of ourselves.

Your imagination is the doorway to finding your own dreams.



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