Carmen Waterman

Healing Love and Light


So many people are struggling so I just wanted to share the energy of love and healing light. Lighting candles and connecting with the universal energy of healing is always part of my Reiki practice that fills the heart with hope. It is a cool and rainy day and I am so grateful to be inside, warm, and able to work on a project that is very dear to me.  Helping others to find ways to improve their quality of life when struggling with an illness or disorder that steals from them on a daily basis the kind of life they long for.

Many illnesses and disabilities are invisible and yet the symptoms and limitations are very real and at times debilitating.  The truth is everyone suffers, at one time or another, and for some those challenges are a constant companion.  Candles represent giving light in the darkness.  Which is such an important part of helping anyone that is hurting. I am blessed in so many ways.  The biggest of which is married to the most amazing woman, who not only loves me, she accepts all of the challenges and limitations I have.  She is the bravest and most beautiful person and is a true inspiration.  She too struggles with many health challenges and has always advocated for those who felt they didn’t have a voice or were unable to express what they are going through.  With unconditional love in 1999, she moved heaven and earth (moving from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern),  so we could be together and we started a journey of love and healing that we have been on ever since.

This Saturday on October 25th, I will be at the Conscious Living Faire in Nanaimo.  I will have a booth to provide Reiki and Tarot sessions and I will also be giving a talk on “Creating Your Own Healing Toolkit.” A presentation I hope will benefit anyone struggling with the challenges of chronic pain and illnesses that affect the body, mind, and spirit,  as well as their caregivers and loved ones.

I’ve lit these candles again today to share with anyone who is in need. May you find ease and know you are not alone.

Brightest Blessings


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