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Never lose hope
My dearheart
Miracles dwell in the invisible

~Rumi ~

Self-discovery is a journey worth taking

Carmen Waterman

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am so glad you have found me here. In a harsh world that for those of you who are highly sensitive, it can be difficult to find your way. So often you do things to fit in only to find that you continue to feel lost and that something is missing in your life.

Trust me I know these feelings from personal experience. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way and that it is never too late to take the steps to find your way home to yourself.

To find what truly brings you joy, to find ways to deal with the many challenges life throws your way, and to find a life of meaning and purpose that also lifts your spirit with hope.

A Sensitive Soul

Sees the world through all of their senses, this experience goes beyond seeing … to feeling deeply about things that are not on the surface.
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Carmen's Creative Works - Dandelion

A Sensitive Soul

May appear to others as delicate or weak. When in actual fact they have the ability to help others to see the world differently. To recognize that there is more to life than living on automatic, that there is always hope for a kinder and more caring world.


To my home on the web, a place that will always be open to you. Where I will share, all of the things I am passionate about, the things I have learned, and the tools that have helped me to enjoy living life as a dreamer, and as a highly sensitive person who cares deeply for the world and all of those who inhabit it.

I truly believe that everyone can make a difference. That there are ways
to find your way home to your own authentic self and to live your dreams.