Carmen Waterman

What is Real?

When you struggle with depression, anxiety, and many other mental health challenges, things become bigger than life. Your senses seem to go into overdrive and it becomes difficult to see your way out of the place you are in. It becomes difficult to know what is real?

I created this image to represent the feeling of being overwhelmed, of waters rushing in and while there is a staircase behind her, she doesn’t see it. The perception is of water rising and being trapped. Our emotions and thoughts can do that, making us feel hopeless and fearful.

What I do know is that the horror and fear of that moment of time (because when you are in the midst of it, it feels like you have been this way forever) – it will pass. Just never give up. Things can change and you can feel better than you do in those moments/times when you are most overwhelmed. Hang in there, believe it will get better. There are people that care and I am one of them.

Brightest Blessings


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