About Carmen

Carmen Waterman

Welcome to my home on the web. As an artist my desire is to create images and experiences that take people on a healing journey.

Scorned as a dreamer from an early age, I am now free to embrace worlds of fantasy through my artwork. My heartfelt wish is to create a beautiful place for the dreamer in all of us.

In addition to my love of art I enjoy writing, reading and meditating. I believe there is so much more to life than what is on the surface and believe the journey we are on has endless possibilities that are exciting if we only allow ourselves the freedom to believe. My studies include Reiki, MBTI coaching, tarot, crystal healing, art therapy, yoga and meditation. I believe in magic and that life is full of mysteries and joys yet to be explored. I love learning and always continue to take courses and read about the many areas that interest me.

 I have personally struggled with chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and fatigue for longer than I can remember. I have done everything to find ways to not be defined by these challenges and to live in a world that is so much harsher than my own soul. I am an intuitive and care so deeply about people that I often found myself on the other side of what “jobs, companies, and politics” might have viewed as the right approach or what was truly important.

My heartfelt passion is to help others believe in themselves, in their own dreams and provide them with creative tools to thrive and find happiness no matter what challenges they face.  Something I have learned is that above all else in the end…you have to be true to yourself and make time for the simple things that bring you joy.

Things that make my heart smile….

sunrises, clouds, forest trails, laughter shared, walks on the beach, poetry, musical ornaments, that first cup of coffee in the morning, Reiki, rain drumming on the roof and windows, candlelight dinners, surprises, friends, rainbows, hugs, being in the country, night sounds, mountain views, reading, children playing make believe, waves crashing on the shore, aromatherapy, sharing, picnics, birds in flight, the wind, star gazing, being barefoot on the sand, meditation, that Christmas feeling all year round, water falls, spiritual growth and learning, creating art, shooting stars, finding your soul mate, music, the smell in the air after a rain, a warm fire, writing, buttered popcorn, music, naps, full moons, the smell of fresh ground coffee beans, day dreaming, night dreaming, unicorns, angels, imagination, nature in all its glory, the northern lights, sunsets, love, support, helping others… and so much more!

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