Carmen Waterman

Lunar Eclipse Spell

The opportunity to embrace the powerful energy of an Eclipse is an invitation to effect big change. During a lunar eclipse, the shadow of our world falls across the face of the Moon revealing hidden and buried feelings and urging them to rise up to the surface. It is a time to reflect on all of the tumultuous events that have brought us to this point and to make decisions to let go of the things that no longer serve us. An opportunity to affect great change, in our personal lives and in the energy we project outward.

Life is full of challenges; the news is full of heartache, anger and fear. While so many times in the recent past I have felt helpless and oftentimes hopeless. I do truly believe that change can occur, one heart at a time.

Today, on the day of the full eclipse of our moon, I have created an image and a wish, a spell, a prayer…you can call it whatever you like… but it is my hope for all.

Ancient moon with growing power
Bring your strength to us this hour
We call upon your grace and might
To heal this world throughout the night
Bless those suffering, and grant us peace
Illuminate the wrong, that it might ceace
As beings make the choice to love
Understanding it is a love ….. we are all worthy of
Ease the suffering, so all will see
They play a part in harmony
By the power of three times three
Make it so…So shall it be

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