Carmen Waterman

Art and Healing

When life gets difficult, creating art seems to soothe my soul. To say that lately, I have struggled with all of the horrific and tragic events going on in the world would be an understatement. There is so much suffering everywhere. This year began with some serious personal challenges that alone created a very difficult beginning to 2020. Then the COVID 19 Pandemic hit, and overnight everything changed in a way that increased so many difficulties for everyone. Simple things like being able to visit with family and friends and be out and about were suddenly dangerous to our health. Day by day the number of people infected and dying from this disease increased. Those most vulnerable were seniors and those with compromised immune systems.

For the first time in my 60+ years, I experienced months of lockdown. Stay home and stay safe was the message and became a way of everyday life. I had to accept that I fit both risk categories. While you can get glimpses of people doing the right thing, you also get to see those whose true colours of bullying behaviour and disregard for others demonstrated far too often.  It seemed daily that you would discover more and more situations that were heartbreaking.

The political arena grew more agitated and it seemed so often the headlines shared stories that showed the majority of people who had held little regard for those most vulnerable and impacted. So many people I love and care about were being faced with unbelievable challenges, fears, and difficulties. I continue to be concerned even as the leaders of the world begin to re-open businesses and activities. Then the horrific and unjust murder of a black man in the US by a police officer was witnessed by the world.

I can’t begin to understand the brutality and senseless act that took place. The world is reeling, and the US is being led by a president who has continued since his time in office to insight prejudice and ignorance. I do not have the words to begin to express everything.

I need to find a way to return to my art so that I can feel less hopeless, sad, and all of the other emotions that rock my soul at injustice, prejudice, cruelty, and suffering. So I will begin by creating art that helps me to feel hopeful. Taking trips into my inner landscape where I can escape to heal and to feel without the need to edit or explain.

So here starts a visit into my imagination ~ Hope Among the Ruins

Hope among the ruins


Day 2 ~ Tears in Heaven

tears in heaven


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