Last night was the Opening Reception for the 2012 Digital Art Expo that is being held at CVAC, Cowichan Valley Arts Council Centre of Arts Culture and Heritage.  Showing the artwork of 12 amazing digital artists including one soundscape artist is exciting and so rewarding.

Viewers got to not only see and hear the artworks produced for the show they were also given the opportunity to learn more about digital art as a medium from the following artist presentations:

  • Introduction to Digital Art – Me
  • It’s a digital world – How are you marketing your art – Beverley Koski
  • Photoshop as a tool – Nancy Oliver
  • From Ordinary to Extraordinary – Zosia Miller
  • Making Art Accessible for People with Disabilities and Infirmities – Jane Waterman.

While we had a few technical issues the artist’s had the opportunity to speak from their hearts and the audience was treated with an incredible learning opportunity to get to meet and know a bit more about them as well as learn about digital art as an exciting medium.  As curator and participant of the show I can say there has been an incredible response from artists, art enthusiasts and the community.  I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to share my artwork and to be able to help other artists, some very new to the Cowichan Valley showcase their work and talent.

It’s been a blast and we are only into a the first few days of the month long exhibition.  I promise to share more soon.