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It is long past time that I found my way back to writing and creating images that speak of what my heart and spirit is calling me towards. The recent past has seemingly had a tight hold on my time, my energy and my ability to be present. Life is always going to throw challenges our way and sometimes they will be so great that all we can do is hang on, to not let go of hope and to know that tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to follow our dreams and continue on the path we have always been heading towards.

It is not surprising to me any longer that the biggest challenges and hardest times bring with them the biggest opportunity for transformation and change. I know recently there have been times when I have struggled with this knowledge and an almost sarcastic response to what has been going on with thoughts ranging from “you’re kidding right!!” “enough already” “hello is anyone listing… I’m done!” Then as often happens when life’s challenges continue to beat down at my exhausted self and my fibro swings into the party with a “Ohh yes, lets add a flare to this little circus!” I reach critical mass and do what I must and rest, rest more, do what I can to ease the pain, and accept that some days (and not just one or two) just holding on and riding out the storm, is a true act of courage.

Today the tides turned and I am again filled with hope. The last few days I’ve done only what I could and I practised not beating myself up with unrealistic expectations and the word “should.” Today I slept in, and then in the afternoon attended a workshop I had been looking forward to. It was an “Introduction to Ayurveda” with a gifted and gentle teacher Asrael Zemenick. So many hidden gems of knowledge and wisdom in today’s lesson and I am so looking forward to learning more next week.

One thing that really resonated with me was what she called “Rule #1 – Trust Your Experience.” How often are we told that a particular truth is true for all, when in fact the very nature of our own individualities is perfect in its own way. I find many things that we discussed today to resonate with the Reiki I practise and in particular the energies and intuitive practises that are so important to me. I am excited that this will provide me with even more understanding of our own healing abilities and our connection with each other and the world we live in. Two daily practices I look forward to starting tomorrow Abhyanga and a return to meditation (something that slipped away and I look forward to doing more of again).

Tonight while I am still tired I am looking forward, to new opportunities to learn, to grow and to make a difference. I do believe that we all have the opportunity to make a difference to foster positive, healing energy and hope. Some of the principles of Ayurveda align with those things that have been my spiritual practise, meditation, spending more time in nature, connecting with the life force energy, understanding and seeing how the elements play a part in our lives and how as different as we each may be, we are all connected, to all life.

May your days be filled with peace, hope and joy



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