14 Days of Healing Cards

The 14 Days of Healing Cards are brought to you by Carmen Waterman, the creator of the magical Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck. These cards give you the tools you need to start the practice of daily journalling and healing affirmations. Begin the journey home to yourself. Each day, a new card invites you to look at a different aspect of living that often needs healing when you’re under stress! Featuring Carmen’s enchanting digital artwork, each card offers a starting point for visualization and journalling based on that day’s affirmation.



Every day we deal with stresses – some of which have the power to shake our world. In the middle of a global pandemic, those challenges are complicated in ways we could never have anticipated. Whether we’re juggling roles at home, at work (including the virtual office), or in our community, it’s no wonder that key areas of our life slip out of balance. Sometimes we’re so busy, we don’t even notice until we start feeling sick or just “not like ourselves” anymore.

Journalling through expressive writing is a proven tool to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Targeted daily journal prompts gently encourage you to write about current challenges and draw on your own inner wisdom to take the first steps back to balance. The goal is to bring a heart-centred, healing, and compassionate practice into your life. The power of expressive writing and artwork combined with visualization and affirmation practice can help shine a light on places you’re stuck. With daily practice, these cards can be the start of a truly transformative shift back to the “real” you.

What You Will Get

The 14 Days of Healing Cards is a downloadable product that lets you get started right away. The workbook is a 40-page PDF document, provided for both US Letter size or A4 size printers.

The workbook includes:

  • 14 affirmation cards laid out on two pages of the document for easy printing and cutting. The cards are 3.5 x 2 inches in size – the same size as a standard business card. This compact format allows you to keep a reminder of the day’s affirmation in your purse, wallet, or a business card holder on your desk or counter.
  • Instructions on how to use the cards with the printed workbook provided or with your existing bullet journal or art journal.
  • 14 days of journalling spreads, including an affirmation for the day, a supporting affirmation card, and five journalling prompts to encourage you to further explore each aspect of healing.
  • A blank journal page that can be printed as often as you like.
  • Resources to get you started with a regular meditation and journalling practice.

The 14 Days of Healing Cards are a beautiful gift for someone you love or make a wonderful gift to yourself.

Made with love in Canada!


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