Secret Door

Welcome to my home on the web and the secret entrance to my site.

All of us face many challenges in this amazing journey of life.  It is during those times we often find we have the greatest capacity to learn.  My website is undergoing a transformation just as my working career is.  In 2012 it was time for me to step away from things that no longer served me and to branch out on my one sharing my gifts and years of experience with others who could benefit from what I have to offer.

Transformation takes more than ideas and goals at times it takes a huge leap of faith and trust.Trust in our own abilities, trust in the fact that there are people you can make a difference to and trust that the universe will help to connect you with those that need guidance and support. This is especially true when you have a disability. Mine are what people call invisible disabilities because on the surface, you might not be able to tell the daily battles I struggle with. I have Fibromyalgia and have also been diagnosed with clinical depression, both can and do add additional challenges to daily life. However I’m determined to find creative ways to not only cope with my illnesses but to live a life of joy.

I want to welcome you and hope you will find this a place to rest, be still and connect with something that speaks to you.  Namaste

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