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Joyful Abandon

It is with a heart beaming with joy that I sit here nearing the end of a wonderful day.  I am humbled by the magnitude of a universe that is showing me the path my heart has for so long wanted to travel.  I am blessed to have the love of my beloveds that make our home a sacred refuge that a wounded soul can find comfort, solace and hope.  And the encouragement always to explore, learn and continue to grow and be my authentic self.

I am blessed to have come to live in a valley that seems to be a center for healing and spiritual souls that not only do not look at you like you are from another planet when I talk about my hearts dreams, they provide opportunities to learn more, grow more and share.

The day started with a meditation class and connecting with kindred spirits and connecting to the place of peace and acceptance of being in the moment.  One of the gifts of meditation is being mindful of being present and the sharing of meditation in a group adds community and ads to the energy of the experience of everyone.  Sharing in the circle afterwards is safe and I am always touched by the warming of my heart as people speak from within themselves.  There is no pretense, no role to play, simply being in the moment and sharing it with compassion, kindness, and acceptance for self and others.

Meditation for me is so freeing, it is like being given the gift of letting go of things that might be worrisome, and just drifting in a cocoon of radiant acceptance.  Something I think we all long for, I know it has been something that I always needed and yet I am finding that the only place you can get that is by first accepting yourself.  I know that has been said and is probably in every self help book written, but there is nothing like beginning to embrace it to find the real magic of this blessing.

Today I registered for a workshop next weekend on Spirit Connection.  Who would have thought that there would be so many opportunities for me to grow and learn right here where I live? I’m so excited, about all that I am working towards.  Having my cards ready for printing within the next 2 months and then the other projects will unfold as they are meant to.  I find myself breaking out into song, singing out loud when music is playing that I love, dancing and swaying in the store when music is playing….  I am experiencing life in spite of my chronic pain with joyful abandon…. and along with all this a conviction that following your heart, which I always new to be so very important is the key… a key that opens the door to unlimited possibilities…


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  1. That's so cool – it is wonderful to see you becoming your authentic self and amazing to see all the doorways that begin to open when you begin to lean into your life's purpose. Brava! I can't wait to see all the amazing things that you can do!
    Love for always and for ever,

  2. Your words are beautiful. When we become more in touch with our authentic selves, we are more able to see the beauty in ourselves.  I am looking forward to providing the opportunity for you to connect more with your spirit guides, loved ones in spirit and higher self.

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